These needs work! On the face of it some very long periods when nothing happened! If you can fill in any gaps, please use the 'Contact' page to get in touch.

1066 Norman Conquest  
1150   First mention of Wrestlingworth
1180   St Peter's Church started (approx date)
1801   Population 330
1838 Queen Victoria Coronation Celebrations in Potton
1843   Sarah Dazley hanged
1848   Friendly Society formed
1851   National School built
1887 Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Dinner in Wrestlingworth
1897 Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Service and Celebrations
1902 Edward VII Coronation Band of Hope meetings
1911 George V Coronation tea and Sports
1914 World War I 15 Wrestlingworth men died
1918   Wrestlingworth WI formed
1935 George V Silver Jubilee Combined Service, Teas, Sports
1937 George VI Coronation Electricity in the Village
1939 World War II 2 Wrestlingworth men died
1940   Memorial Hall Opened
1953 Elizabeth II Coronation Celebrations
1957   Darby and Joan Club
1959   Badminton Club
1962   Goodwill Fund
1972   Pre-School Group
1977 Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee  
1990   Carpet Bowls
1992   Youth Club
1992   Village Link
1994   Quilters & Stitchers
1997   Sunday Club
1999   History Society
2000   New Garden
2002 Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Parties, Exhibition, Gardens